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Unlike the summer months when I leave my hair out in a curly fro, winter is an entirely different story. During the winter months, protective hairstyles are an important part of my hair regiment. Stripping hair strands of their natural oils, dry air and harsh winds can cause hair to become dry and brittle susceptible to breakage from hair damage. Also since winter hats and earmuffs cause lots of friction, protective hairstyles are beneficial because they offer a stylish yet practical solution to locking in moisture.


What are protective hairstyles?

Protective hairstyles are hairstyles that protect the ends of your hair. Instead of leaving your hair loose, protective hairstyles tuck the ends away reducing stress. Since the ends are the oldest and the most fragile part of the hair strand, extra care is needed to prevent breakage from pretty much everything – washing, styling, touching, and detangling.


Protective Hairstyle Benefits: 

  • Reduces tangling/knots
  • Reduces breakage/split ends
  • Promotes length retention


Protective hairstyles come in a variety of shapes and sizes including braids, twists, updos and lace wigs. Or switch things up with clip ins.

While braids, twists, and updos protect ends from getting damaged, wigs and lace fronts give your hair a break by partially or completely covering your scalp. Divatress is one of the largest online wig shops where can find thousands of wigs, lace fronts and a variety of hair care products matching your desired look, style and budget.

Here are my favorite protective hairstyles that are not only beautiful but can also help your hair grow despite the environmental factors.


Simple Go-To Protective Hairstyles


Classic Braids (Plaits)

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Classic braids are my favorite protective hairstyle because they’re easy to do and maintain. I especially love the inside out look, a braiding techique that I use often.

Pin your freestyle braids in a tidy bun, let it hang loosely or wear cornrows close to the scalp. Cornrows are great for Mohawks or Frohawks.

There are also all sorts of interesting braid styles to rock like the fishtail braid, the french braid or Ghana to name a few.



Two-strand twists are another popular protective hairstyle.

Twists come in a variety of sizes from micro two strand twists to chunky twists. Flat twists which resemble cornrows lay close to the scalp.

Twists are one of my favorite hairstyles because they are so versatile. Wear them in an updo or combined with an intricate design. With twists, you can even mix and match two hairstyles together for example cornrow the front and twist the back.

Twists can easily last a few days which is perfect for those pressed for time. Later uncoil your twists and wear it as a twist-out.


Bantu Knots

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Lastly, Bantu knots or otherwise known as Zulu knots are another quick hairstyle whose benefits are far-reaching.  These small coiled buns are perfect for just about all hair types. Customize your Bantu knots for any hair length or add extensions for a fuller look.

For more protective hairstyle ideas check out easy to follow step-by-step YouTube tutorials like this one by Modelesque Nic.

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