What’s crispy on the outside, cheesy on the inside and best served hot? If you guessed a grilled cheese sandwich (or the title of this blog post gave it away) then you are correct. But I’m not referring to the grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed into our colorful lunch boxes growing up as a kid – no offense mom, but I’m referring to the artisan grilled cheese sandwiches crafted by The Cheese Truck or Caseus Cheese Truck.

The Cheese Truck is a New Haven-based food truck that roams the streets serving loaded grilled cheese sandwiches, creamy tomato soups and more. The food truck is the mobile extension of Caseus Fromagerie Bistro, a well-known cheese bistro in downtown New Haven where every cheese has a story.

The Cheese Truck ingeniously combines two brothers’ passions for grilling, cheese, and trucks. Since 2010 the Sobocinski brothers have been rolling out their delicious sandwiches throughout the greater New Haven area and in 2011 they were featured on Man vs. Food Nation! 

Jason and Tom Sobocinski have since expanded their food and drink empire to include Black Hog Brewing Co. and Ordinary New Haven (New Haven’s oldest tavern dating back to the late 1600s) – two establishments that I have to check out next!

I first discovered The Cheese Truck during a cider tasting at New England Cider Company in Wallingford. Caseus’ bright yellow food truck was parked right outside the craft cidery but unfortunately, since I was short on time, I couldn’t stop by for a bite. Days later, I did, however, track the food truck down to Grove Street in New Haven for lunch.


How To Find The Cheese Truck

Finding The Cheese Truck is easy.

Since the truck moves to different locations every day, The Cheese Truck website features a location tracker that shares the truck’s current location as well as a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events.

This takes the guesswork out of planning your next visit!

Throughout the year you can also find the yellow food truck at farmers markets, breweries, and cideries. They also cater private events and parties, weddings and corporate shindigs.


New Haven’s Favorite Grilled Cheese

The Cheese Truck Tasting

From across the street, we couldn’t miss the bright yellow food truck. Decorated with lights and red bows for the holidays, the service counter was decked out in holiday cheer.

I ordered the #1 Combo Tomato Soup and CT Classic Grilled Cheese and added fresh tomatoes and pesto. On the other hand, Luke, my meat-eating companion, added applewood bacon to his grilled cheese sandwich.

While we waited, we noticed the diverse group of hungry patrons that visited the food truck including Yalies, executives, working professionals and even tourists – everyone loves this gourmet sandwich.

Within 5 minutes our orders were ready!


CT Classic Grilled Cheese With Add-Ons

The CT Classic Grilled Cheese ($5) had a golden crispy color and crunchy exterior. Made with fresh ingredients, the thick sourdough bread is from a local German bakery in New Haven.

The cheese to bread ratio was balanced and although every bite was juicy, the sandwich held together nicely. The blended provolone, swiss, comte, gruyere, gouda and sharp cheddar cheese from Caseus was savory and melty but also compact and gooey but not overwhelming.

Luke’s applewood bacon was crispy, a little smokey and had a hint of underlying apple flavor.

The side of cornichon pickles was refreshing and tart but also added a surprising kick. I ate my pickles on top but you can also put them inside your sandwich or eat them separately.

I’m not a fan of pickles but these were tasty!


Tomato Soup

The Cheese Truck’s tomato soup ($3) wasn’t a traditional bland tomato soup. Made with heavy cream, small chunks of tomato and onions were scattered throughout the purée, the soup was hot, thick and flavorful.

Before taking my first spoonful, I could smell the sautéed onions and herbs.

For an enhanced grilled cheese experience, I recommend dipping your grilled cheese sandwich into your soup, this combination is heavenly!

The Cheese Truck’s tomato soup is gluten-free and vegetarian but not vegan.


How is the food truck different from the Caseus Bistro?

Although the grilled cheese sandwiches are a lot bigger at the bistro, the food truck offers more toppings.

The food truck offers eight colorful add-ons including guacamole ($1), arugula ($1), hot cherry peppers ($1), Berkshire pulled pork ($3), balsamic reduction ($1) and more. So feel free to think outside of the box to customize your crispy melty experience!

Lastly, the food truck offers weekly specials which feature specialty cheeses like black diamond cheddar cheese, granola brown and smokey blue cheese to name a few.


Final Thoughts

In addition to the carefully crafted grilled cheese sandwiches and soups, The Cheese Truck’s staff – Fiji and Chef Adam were an important part of my experience. They were warm and welcoming and I even got to meet Chef Adam who is down-to-earth and extremely passionate about his craft. With good reason, he takes pride in his delicious tomato soup and I could tell that he loves to see his customer’s reactions.

Although I do not eat grilled cheese sandwiches that often, I now have a reason to! When I’m craving a cheesy bite, I know exactly where I will go.

So whether you’ve had The Cheese Truck on your radar for a while or would like to add it to your “CT Bucket List” The Cheese Truck is certainly a memorable mobile foodie destination worth checking out around New Haven, Connecticut.


I was a guest of The Cheese Truck, of course, all opinions are my own. 

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