The month of October wouldn’t be complete without visiting a terrifying haunted house for Halloween. Luckily in addition to the chilling true stories like the movie The Haunting in Connecticut, there are all sorts of unsightly haunts to experience locally like scary hayrides and cemetery tours. Since I, for one, enjoy scary movies and being scared half to death, visiting Creeperum was an easy sell. Although I can’t ruin the surprise and share it all, I’ll just say that this year’s haunt was out of this world. But don’t take my word for it, experience the “emporium of bizarre” for yourself. Muahaha!



(Prounouced Creep-o-rum)

A Reason To Fear The Dark

Although Creeperum was hard to find, head to the back of the complex and follow the smoke. Your GPS will likely take you to the front of the warehouse but call if you need any help finding the haunted house.

After checking in, we arrived at the Hellavator. There the owner, Angelus Perez, greeted us. He was kind and genuinely wanted his guests to have a great time. Angelus created Creeperum to not only create jobs in Connecticut but also increase tourism.

There were three guests ahead of us waiting in line. Before we could exchange more than a few words, the door opened abruptly and the Hellavator Mistress invited the group inside.

As my friend and I tried to get on, the mistress slammed the door shut. Totally caught off guard, we started to panic. We couldn’t believe that she split us up!

Adding to what was already starting to feel like an intense situation, it didn’t help that we could hear other guests screaming. Overhead an acrobatic monster waved at us with a bloody grin.


Down the Hellavator

Despite the visible burn wounds and blood streaks on her face, the Hellavator Mistress had a bubbly personality and spoke in a high pitched voice. With two mismatched eyes, vampire teeth and scratch marks running down her arms, she was the perfect haunted house hostess.

During the elevator ride, she explained the rules and at one point, she came so close to my face that I could smell her breath. By the way, this was a “precursor” for what was up ahead. Down in the basement, there was no such thing as personal space.

The switch broke and the elevator rattled and jolted from side to side. With a loud bang, we finally reached our destination. As the door opened and we started wandering into the darkness, we could still feel the ground shaking. We loved that! Although Creeperum is a classic haunted house, it’s not afraid to push the envelope with modern effects.


Navigating the Maze

Searching for a way out of the first room, we quickly realized that we were trapped. We eventually found a way out but as expected, our sigh of relief was short lived.

Walking down the narrow and dark corridor, monsters started popping up all around us. Not sure if they would be up ahead or sneak from behind, my friend and I fought over who would lead. For the most part, I followed closely behind.

While I ran through the haunted house, I couldn’t stop laughing (from fear, that’s just how I deal). My friend, on the other hand, screamed and pleaded with the monsters for a quick release. Overall, Creeperum was intense but struck the perfect balance of entertaining and frightening. Although there wasn’t a theme this year, the entire time we felt like we were trying to escape which was the goal.

Although most people spend 10-15 minutes navigating the secret passageways, we lost all track of time at Creeperum. We met all sorts of deranged characters like witches and mad scientists. For me, the clown with the massive teeth was the worst of the bunch!

Driving home, my friend shared that this was one of the most entertaining nights he had in a long time. Creeperum was different from other haunted houses because the scares were non-stop. With little downtime, there’s practically a scare around every corner. And while many of Connecticut’s haunted houses are outdoors, Creeperum is indoors which makes a big difference. The haunted house was intimate and the actors personalized every scare. You can also tell that they are extremely passionate about what they do.


Is Creeperum scary?

Heck, yes!

Let’s just say that by the end, I was more than thrilled to have escaped in one piece. And don’t tell anyone but I may have wet myself too.


I was a guest of Creeperum, of course, all opinions are my own. 

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