I first discovered Fairfield Craft Ales at the Elm City Brew Festival last Fall. Fairfield Craft Ales immediately caught my attention because not only are they based in Fairfield County (woot-woot) but at their table, I tasted my first spicy beer. Let’s just say that from our first encounter, Fairfield Craft Ales (FCA) left a lasting impression on me.

Fairfield Craft Ales is a small batch brewery in Stratford, Connecticut that creates music-inspired craft beers. Brewers Mike and Joe are lifelong music lovers and they have an inspiring story. Mike and Joe met through Little League where they discovered they had a similar dream of opening a brewery. Fairfield Craft Ales opened a few years later in July 2016.

Fun Fact: Fairfield Craft Ales’ logo is a guitar pick.

Coincidently, I just so happened to sit next to FCA’s first customers. This friendly couple proudly shared that they were the defending music trivia champions and have been ordering pints here since day one.

By the way, “Music Trivia Night” is on Thursdays and “Vinyl Share Night” is on Fridays. Raid your vinyl collection or head to a nearby vinyl record store (there’s one in Bridgeport) and spend the evening playing your records on the taproom’s in-house turntable.


Fairfield Craft Ales

Rhythm & Brews

At Fairfield Craft Ales, every beer is named after a song. “Brown Eyed Girl” is a chocolaty brown ale while “There She Gose” is a sour gose with raspberry-lime flavor. There are fourteen beers on tap and if you don’t have time to sit down and have a drink, that’s okay, fill a growler or find Fairfield Craft Ales at over twenty locations throughout Connecticut.

While FCA has a variety of IPAs, they also brew stouts, ales, and pilsners. If you’re hungry, the “Drunk Alpaca Bake Shop” features a variety of beer-infused snacks like beer nuts, herb chips and sea salt chips.

You can also support local and buy FCA swag like t-shirts, hoodies, tacker signs and mugs.


The Taproom

The taproom is intimate and easy-going where you can easily chat with a friend or listen to some mellow tunes.

Sit at the polished wooden bar or at one the long tables. There’s also a foosball table in the back or you can play games like Chess or Connect 4.


Choose Four

After grabbing seats at the bar, my friend and I settled on a flight of four to get a lay of the land. We were then given a pencil and a piece of paper with instructions to choose four. I loved that I could take my time and pick those that most resonated with me without feeling rushed.

Separated by flavor, I naturally gravitated towards the “Fruity & Spicy” section of the menu. Unsure of what to pick for the last 5 oz. sample, I asked Brewer Mike to surprise me – he picked Beast of Bourbon (which I loved).

In addition to Brown Eyed Girl, Beast of Bourbon was one of my favorite beers at Fairfield Craft Ales. It’s truly delicious! I love its complexity and multi-dimensional taste but in all honestly, I enjoyed my entire flight (which I can’t say is always the case).

With that being said, I know exactly what I’m ordering next time. Seriously…I think I found my go-to watering hole in Stratford!

Flight of Four at Fairfield Craft Ales

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