Hi there! I’m Danielle!

Welcome to Connecticut-Thought Card (CT-Thought Card), a local travel blog based in Fairfield and New Haven County, Connecticut.

Four years ago I moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut with my family. Now that I’m settled, I’m on a quest to experience all that Fairfield and New Haven County has to offer.

I created CT-Thought Card to highlight what’s happening in my backyard because I believe in experiencing more without having to venture too far. This includes sharing thoughts and tips on local events, restaurants, attractions and more. I especially love the outdoors and discovering hidden gems. Not to mention local breweries and eateries, breathtaking viewpoints, scenic nature trails and sandy beaches.

When I’m not exploring new hiking trails or visiting coffee shops, you can find me at a park hanging out with my puppy Jada. From kayaking and stargazing to walking barefoot on the beach, I enjoy getting off the beaten path.

More About Me…

I’m the Travel Finance Strategist and Travel Money Coach behind the award-winning travel finance brand, The Thought Card. I love empowering those who want to travel afford travel and excel in their personal finances. I believe that you can have it all if you really want it.

I’ve traveled to over 24 countries and 3 continents, however, I love living in Connecticut.


My interests include, in no particular order:

  • Documenting experiences
  • Cultural immersion
  • Craft beer and ciders
  • Funky door knobs
  • Colorful doors
  • Big afros
  • Netflix binge sessions
  • Photography
  • Countryside
  • Hiking



The Thought Card – A Travel Finance Blog

“Make Travel A Financial Priority”

CT-Thought Card is part of The Thought Card, a global travel finance brand.

A few years ago when faced with a challenging situation, I started sending my loved ones “thought cards” expressing my thoughts and emotions. Eventually, they caught on and started sending them back – we’ve been doing this exchange ever since.

Reading each others’ thought cards always brought us closer and strengthened our bond.

CT-Thought Card is my way of bringing Fairfield County and New Haven County explorers and adventurers together. It’s a place to share the best local experiences including dining, entertainment, outdoors and culture.

For all questions or comments, please email info@ct.thoughtcard.com.